Friday, October 15, 2010


Whorewolf reporting, once again.
Quote of the Day:
"I love my desk. I love it." "Really? Have you had sex with it?" "I don't know where to put it." "Well, in your ass, obviously."
Now, onto more pressing matters- Blizzard has recently downloaded the game Minecraft, with which he is now obsessed with. He played it all night and day, and i'm assuming he'll continue to do so until he falls into a coma from exhaustion >.< which, consequently, is the reason i'm doing two blogs in a row.
I couldn't really think of anything particularly important to me, so i tried poking 'round the internet for something that was somewhat relevant, when i remembered- shitfuck, it's almost Halloween.
Halloween is the time of year where, if you're young and innocent, you find something silly to wear and run around demanding candy. If you're young and whorey, you find something slutty to wear and run around demanding cock. (Gratuitous amounts of alcohol usually coming into play.)
But i prefer scary Halloweens. Not to say that i won't be dressed up like a whore as well- if i didn't look like a hooker, then i wouldn't feel like myself- i'm just saying that i prefer the more morbid side of things. Whatever happened to scary movies, urban legends, and haunted house attractions? Halloween is more than just an excuse to get diabetes and/or an abortion. It's about appealing to the darker side of human nature.
So, if i don't see at least one blood-covered zombie, i'm going to be disappointed.
On the music front, i feel like recommending Elliott Smith today. He may be dead, but in the spirit of Halloween, i say we resurrect his music. Some of my favorite songs of his are Angeles, Between the Bars, and Ciggarettes. But i'm not going to include links, because i'm fucking lazy.
If you, too, are just as lazy, then forget looking him up- and just enjoy this AMAZING FUCKING DOG, again. I swear, were it legal, i'd marry her. Mishka, i love you<3