Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alright, So.

Blizzard is a big 'ol liar.
i know he promised you guys an exciting breakdown of his two-day blizzcon a'venture, but he was lazy, and told me to write something. Although, to put it in his words, he was "too exhausted from blizzcon to do ANYTHING." (besides minecraft and WoW.) So, if you hadn't noticed, this is Whorewolf reporting, and you're just going to have to wait for the blizzcon post until...well, whenever Blizzard recovers. For now, i'm going to talk about whatever the fuck i feel like.

Quote of The Day: "Once you've come, porn just seems kinda funny." -George Washington

Music Recommendation: "More Human Than Human" by White Zombie.
 I'll include a link this time, just to be nice. (look for it below) It's got a remix that's also really good, but i prefer the original because the introduction is just a girl orgasming. It's an epic Halloween song, that only faggots would dislike. And i don't mean the cool faggots who have gay ass-sex, i mean the lame faggots who don't appreciate good music. ya, you know who you are. ^_^

Now, for the main event: Gold diggers. And i don't mean that awful Kanye West song, either, i mean actual women who use men for their money. I'm pretty sure a relative of mine has become one, seeing as she has recently procured over a $1,000 worth of merchandise from a well-off man whom she's only just met a few weeks ago, and i don't even think he's gotten his dick wet, yet. (Excuse the bluntness- Blizzard likes to say I'M the one who killed chivalry)
And hey, i guess if he's stupid enough/willing enough to spend his money on something that isn't neccessarily going to pan out- the relative in question is still, for all intensive purposes, MARRIED- then i guess he's just the idiot, right?
I think women who do this are some of the most pathetic creatures, ever. Taking advantage of someone is never okay. Especially when they're THIS stupid. A boyfriend wants to buy you something? I understand. You love his person, and he loves you. But my relative does not love this person, and i honestly don't see this going anywhere in the bigger picture.
So all the things he's gotten her, just disgusts me. (Even though i am still jealous. To be honest)
Now, enjoy this motherfuckin' gorgeous dog:

Now, for that song:

Happy One-Week-Til-Halloween, Everybody!


  1. cute doggie. wish i could have gone to blizzcon.

  2. In his defense, this year's BlizzCon SUCKED. I went in 2008, when D3 was announced, the new MMO was announced, SC2 was first setup for game play, just tons and tons of fist-pumping excitement (as n3rdy as that sounds).

    Blizzard did a terrible job of digging up tidbits of info to rial up the crowd, and they've had over a year to prepare. I was almost relieved to know I didn't get tickets this time, hopefully next year they actually provide something worth seeing.

  3. What a refreshing read. You should post more often :D

  4. great things this blog will achieve

  5. You sir, are a visionary and a gentleman

  6. I never knew blogging could be this much fun!

  7. treal post bro I like it

    thanks for the love on my blog too

  8. To be fair, I'm sure women aren't the only golddiggers in the world. I'm fairly certain men have their share percentage of money whores.

  9. Also, Blizzcon was over 4 days ago. Blizzard needs to stop being lazy.

  10. Nicole's right. I'm a male gold-digger, and I have no regrets.

  11. would like to read moar posts from you