Monday, October 11, 2010

Are you a girl?

Ever had one of those opportunities to screw with a person and just the sound of it nearly made you jizz your pants?
Well, last night my girlfriend was talking to me over Skype and she recieved a random message from a man named "Musti." He was asking her to "cam and show hot tits." She disagreed and he proceeded to call her a whore. Infuriated, she turned to me (another internet troll) for help. She sent him my contact information and I told him I was a hot, young girl ready for action.
Musti called me.
I showed him my ballsack.
He stared blankly at it for about a minute.
I got bored and hung up. He then sent me a message asking if I was a boy or girl.
This....was a major disappointment. Luckily, his friend "Rapper_rap" decided to try his luck with my ballsack!
[3:42:56 AM] r&b: heyyy
[3:43:03 AM] Jizz Juggler: Hi, cutie! <3
[3:43:34 AM] r&b: asl plz
[3:44:11 AM] r&b: ?
[3:44:14 AM] Jizz Juggler: 17/f/Belarus
[3:44:24 AM] r&b: u horny girl?
[3:44:31 AM] Jizz Juggler: Very ;)
[3:44:36 AM] r&b: can i see you?
[3:44:47 AM] Jizz Juggler: Sure!
[3:45:06 AM] *** Call from r&b, duration 00:25. ***
(It was only 25 seconds long because he knew he was staring at a ballsack, caught on a little quicker than Musti.)
[3:45:37 AM] r&b: you are not female
[3:45:46 AM] Jizz Juggler: Yes I am
[3:46:02 AM] r&b: show me ur real face
[3:46:17 AM] Jizz Juggler: Alright, but it looks like the ballsack you just saw. [3:46:44 AM] *** Call from r&b, duration 00:11. ***
(It was only 10 seconds long...because it was a ballsack again)
[3:47:00 AM] r&b: lierrr
[3:47:06 AM] r&b: u are ugly guy
[3:47:08 AM] Jizz Juggler: I am not lying!
[3:47:11 AM] Jizz Juggler: Nuh uh!
[3:47:17 AM] r&b: you are not female
[3:47:23 AM] Jizz Juggler: I am! I swear!
[3:47:28 AM] r&b: i want pussy
[3:47:55 AM] r&b: show me ur pussy
[3:48:00 AM] Jizz Juggler: Alright!
[3:48:22 AM] r&b: pussy
[3:48:38 AM] Jizz Juggler: ok
[3:48:57 AM] *** Call from r&b, duration 00:07. ***
(This time it was my asshole and spread asscheeks. I was also slapping my nut sack around.)
[3:49:13 AM] r&b: fuck ur ass
[3:49:15 AM] r&b: lier
[3:49:26 AM] Jizz Juggler: If you really wanna fuck my ass, I'm fine with that too.

This continued on for 3 more calls, he didn't understand that I was a dude and I was just showing him my balls. -shrug-

Now, enjoy this cat playing with some balls! (Oh...and the techno music...if you like techno, I guess.)


  1. I lol'd hardcore. I have a hard time believing some people are so stupid.

  2. Hehe. That's pretty neat.
    "u are ugly guy" lol'd

    Btw. Thanks for blogging tips on that forum. Just started myself, take look =)

  3. The art of online relationships.

  4. Does this justify showing your sack on cam? ;)

  5. this is relevant to just what I was thinking about

  6. Hey asshole... you need to post a new blog!

  7. Trolls trolling trolls

    I love it :D

  8. that cats having a ball playing with that ball of yarn

  9. Paranoid Basement Dweller - I'm doing that right now, chill your jets ya booty-butt!