Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alright, So.

Blizzard is a big 'ol liar.
i know he promised you guys an exciting breakdown of his two-day blizzcon a'venture, but he was lazy, and told me to write something. Although, to put it in his words, he was "too exhausted from blizzcon to do ANYTHING." (besides minecraft and WoW.) So, if you hadn't noticed, this is Whorewolf reporting, and you're just going to have to wait for the blizzcon post until...well, whenever Blizzard recovers. For now, i'm going to talk about whatever the fuck i feel like.

Quote of The Day: "Once you've come, porn just seems kinda funny." -George Washington

Music Recommendation: "More Human Than Human" by White Zombie.
 I'll include a link this time, just to be nice. (look for it below) It's got a remix that's also really good, but i prefer the original because the introduction is just a girl orgasming. It's an epic Halloween song, that only faggots would dislike. And i don't mean the cool faggots who have gay ass-sex, i mean the lame faggots who don't appreciate good music. ya, you know who you are. ^_^

Now, for the main event: Gold diggers. And i don't mean that awful Kanye West song, either, i mean actual women who use men for their money. I'm pretty sure a relative of mine has become one, seeing as she has recently procured over a $1,000 worth of merchandise from a well-off man whom she's only just met a few weeks ago, and i don't even think he's gotten his dick wet, yet. (Excuse the bluntness- Blizzard likes to say I'M the one who killed chivalry)
And hey, i guess if he's stupid enough/willing enough to spend his money on something that isn't neccessarily going to pan out- the relative in question is still, for all intensive purposes, MARRIED- then i guess he's just the idiot, right?
I think women who do this are some of the most pathetic creatures, ever. Taking advantage of someone is never okay. Especially when they're THIS stupid. A boyfriend wants to buy you something? I understand. You love his person, and he loves you. But my relative does not love this person, and i honestly don't see this going anywhere in the bigger picture.
So all the things he's gotten her, just disgusts me. (Even though i am still jealous. To be honest)
Now, enjoy this motherfuckin' gorgeous dog:

Now, for that song:

Happy One-Week-Til-Halloween, Everybody!

Friday, October 22, 2010


By the time you've read this, I'll have already left the house and gone to Blizzcon.
I'm actually typing this last night at 2:31 am.
I just wanted to give ya'll a heads up that this update sucks.
It's going to suck because I'm to lazy to make a legitimate update.
Instead, I'll be giving an extra awesome update Sunday reporting on what I got to go through at blizzcon.

In the meantime, enjoy these extremely cute cats/kittens...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No "What If" Questions!

Have you ever been in that awkward situation where you woke up in a dumpster full of toe nail clippings and babies?

Anyone else heard about Kanye's bottom row of teeth? Replaced them with diamonds and gold. It's not a 'grill,' he literally REMOVED his teeth and REPLACED them with diamonds! MOTHER FUCKING DIAMONDS. Folks....this is awful. We've given Kanye's the most powerful tool in the universe. He may no go out in to the middle of the streets and eat your car. What are you going to do? Nothing. He is too powerful, this is everyone's fault. We should have reacted sooner! Now, all we can do is hope he doesn't encase his brains and major organs in diamonds, otherwise he'll be an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF SHITTY LYRICS!!!

Though an epidemic may be at hand, don't forget to enjoy your daily dosage of cats!

Monday, October 18, 2010

1 PM, Every Other Day

So, I came to the conclusion that I'd start updating the blog every other day (unless I'm in a freak accident where my hands explode and I can't type, and Whorewolf is dead). Which means, no specific day (Monday, Wedsday, Friday) because an odd number of days in the week doesn't work with an "every other day" schedule. I'm also to lazy to work out something less confusing. So, every other day at 1pm.

In other news, I've nearly consumed three massive bags cheesy puffs. About ten dollars worth of cheese and puffyness.
 They're disgusting and I feel disgusting for eating them, but god damn it, I am addicted!

Also, cats:

Edit: To be specific, 1PM PST
I'm aware I'm a lil' late on the time, I happened to sleep in today. >.>

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making my way down town, going fast, faces past....

I lied. I'm not done with Minecraft. I've decided to keep modifying my main fort.

Instead of typing a legit blog, enjoy this list of webcomics I read:
hhtp:// (no longer updated, they moved on to Threepanel.) (many different sections) (hardly updated anymore)

I've read pretty much every single comic by all those artists. I'm up-to-date. <3 Also, no cats today. Instead, dildo-knives.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


What if one day you woke up and your nipples were completely gone. No scars or anything, just flat skin. Once you left your room you found out your dad died last night. Several days later you find out that for your entire life he had been sneaking into your room while you slept and sucking on your chest to make two gigantic hickeys where your nipples should be, because you were born without them. He didn't do it for any sexual reason, only so you could fit in.
God bless you, dad.

Alright, I haven't done any posts lately because I've been absorbed in Minecraft (as Whorewolf previously stated). I think I'm over it for now though. I built five impenetrable, mountain-top fortresses (my favorite one having 5 door ways, and two sets of ladders you had to go through before you even reach the main structure, or "safe haven" as I liked to call it). I started mining diamond and blood before I got bored of it because I realized that I had pretty much already made everything that could be made. I can't wait for them to update it on Halloween; they're going to include new monsters, fishing, a Hell, new crafts, ect ect. Only downside to the update is that I'm going to have to re-pirate minecraft or a patch (because I'm too Jew to shell out 15 bucks).

Anyways, enjoy these really old cat videos!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Whorewolf reporting, once again.
Quote of the Day:
"I love my desk. I love it." "Really? Have you had sex with it?" "I don't know where to put it." "Well, in your ass, obviously."
Now, onto more pressing matters- Blizzard has recently downloaded the game Minecraft, with which he is now obsessed with. He played it all night and day, and i'm assuming he'll continue to do so until he falls into a coma from exhaustion >.< which, consequently, is the reason i'm doing two blogs in a row.
I couldn't really think of anything particularly important to me, so i tried poking 'round the internet for something that was somewhat relevant, when i remembered- shitfuck, it's almost Halloween.
Halloween is the time of year where, if you're young and innocent, you find something silly to wear and run around demanding candy. If you're young and whorey, you find something slutty to wear and run around demanding cock. (Gratuitous amounts of alcohol usually coming into play.)
But i prefer scary Halloweens. Not to say that i won't be dressed up like a whore as well- if i didn't look like a hooker, then i wouldn't feel like myself- i'm just saying that i prefer the more morbid side of things. Whatever happened to scary movies, urban legends, and haunted house attractions? Halloween is more than just an excuse to get diabetes and/or an abortion. It's about appealing to the darker side of human nature.
So, if i don't see at least one blood-covered zombie, i'm going to be disappointed.
On the music front, i feel like recommending Elliott Smith today. He may be dead, but in the spirit of Halloween, i say we resurrect his music. Some of my favorite songs of his are Angeles, Between the Bars, and Ciggarettes. But i'm not going to include links, because i'm fucking lazy.
If you, too, are just as lazy, then forget looking him up- and just enjoy this AMAZING FUCKING DOG, again. I swear, were it legal, i'd marry her. Mishka, i love you<3