Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An update!

Nags by the girlfriend have caused me to write an update. Apparently she gets off to this.
I dislike Blizzard's downloader very much so. It's incredibly slow and aggravating to deal with. I've spent the last 15 hours DL'ing BC and WotLK.
That aside, I'd also like to compliment Turbine for their suprisingly good job on Lotro (Lord of the Rings Online). Generally, any video game remake is awful. So, it almost literally blew my mind (yes, literally! My head was pulsating!) to find that the game was actually very good. Which is horrifying because it's also an mmo! The odds! I place my bet on the idea that Turbine payed Satan with J.R.R. Tolkien's soul in exchange for a legitimately good game. I'd recommend it if you're tired out of any other mmo.
Games aside, my personal life is extremely cluttered. Not really. I'm sitting around rotting while I wait for a power cable to mail in (so I can play xbox). I can't find a job, though I'm not really trying as hard as I use to. I was demoralized pretty quickly though and decided to put less effort into it.
Finally, I need a motto for ending this. Kind of like how the professionals do it, except I'm not a professional, I'm just another fat internet slob beatin' it to anime (Not really, though I wish I was, I'd fit in a lot better...).


  1. Yeah, the Blizzard DLer can be a pain. Luckily I haev a bunch of friends with CDs just laying around so I borrowed theirs instead of downloading it from Bnet.

  2. hehe WoW is fun but you need to upgrade to sc2 man :D

  3. I lol'd "I'm just another fat internet slob beatin' it to anime"

  4. ive had sc2 since the beta, played it 4 times, still have it on my comp, wow > sc2 :P