Saturday, September 25, 2010


My room is a seething hell hole right now! I would probably cool down if I set myself on fire, that's how god damned hot it is here! I love Southern California, it has nice weather and what-not, but when all I do is sit on the computer all day, I wish I lived in Oregon or Washington. I'd settle down with freakin' Alaska right now!

While I've been sweating off my entire body mass, I've also been playing WoW a lot more. I finally got that working (right after my last update) which is why I haven't updated at all recently. I've been completely absorbed. Gearing out my Paladin (4.5k gs, so bad) and leveling a brand spankin' new Warrior (lvl 9 so far).

Anyways, back to grinding! See ya'll later!

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