Monday, September 27, 2010

I hate Microsoft

I could buy twenty chimpanzees and given computers that were designed and created in the late 80's and those stupid monkeys would preform better than the entire Microsoft corporation. Microsoft unleashed a shitty, faulty system that crashes in months - there initial response is to keep it out, and you know what? Produce more of them too. They never fixed the issue. The newest xbox 360s are still pieces of junk. Even the "Elites" crash and burn. To top off the whole scenario, Microsoft also hired mentally challenged costumer support. "Durp, we think this is broken, give us lots of money and a shit load of time and we'll fix it." I don't think Microsoft understands that the majority of gamers are addicted to video games and without their daily intake of video games, they have withdrawals; it's like cocaine.
I personally haven't played the xbox in over a year. I finally purchased a new power supply (they assumed this was the issue) for a whopping 35 bucks (WAY overpriced for something that was made in China for....5 bucks?) I get the part in a week later and plug it in to find doesn't work. This is the third time they've given me faulty fuckin' equipment that either never worked to start with or broke soon after. Hence the reason why I am now extremely pissed off. Anyways, I'm going to call them up, demand I get this shit fixed (FREE.) and then I'm going to sell it on craigslist. I'm fucking done with Microsoft. I'm going to play PS3.


  1. I had to send mine into the shop for the RRoD and when it was shipped back it still had the RRoD. Then I shipped it back, and when I got it back it ran at half the speed as before I sent it in. Now it takes almost 30 seconds just to load the welcome screen.

  2. Look man I say you have to call up Microsoft and talk to them like an adult. Dont yell and scream just put it out on the table for them. Say that you got a faulty piece of equiptment and you want a replace. and btw be calm and wait a week for them to fix it if you dont have the money to get it rushed.

  3. Sorry to hear about your problems with Microsoft. I haven't had any problems that bad with them before, only very minor ones (knock on wood).

  4. Everyone hates Microsoft.

    But we need to use them.

    They're like communism.

  5. Microsoft does suck. Hated dealing with them when my old xbox broke.